What's In A Name?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rockstars are icons. That’s common sense. Everyone wants to be a rockstar, even the most successful CEOs in the world. Most of them pretend to be rockstars after the first billion or so anyway.

Just look at Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban. Aside from that natural desire, there are some things we can learn from rock bands and their nomenclature.

Lesson One: Be Truthful

There are plenty of bands that tell lies in their name. Food seems to be a common theme with music. From Meatloaf to the Cranberries, there are plenty of bands to choose from.

When you are naming your business, or a new line of products, don’t try to name it something you love. Name it something that will represent the purpose. No one wants to buy “Burgers” only to find out that it’s a way to manage inventory.

Lesson Two: Represent

One way bands pay tribute to their home is to name themselves after their hometown. That’s a great idea for Boston or Chicago, but it completely backfired on Europe. Basically, it’s not a good idea unless you are strictly dealing locally.

Lesson Three: Say It Straight

The best way to get the product the right attention, is to name it for what it is. AC/DC, one of the greatest rock bands ever, went straight to the point. They brought the noise and embodied the idea of electricity, hence their name. Even INXS was straight forward with their life philosophy. It’s right there in the name.

Lesson Four: Be Creative

You could go a little more creative, along the lines of Crowded House or Midnight Oil. They send a message, but you have to pause to think about what they’re trying to say.

You could also look at the one hit wonders for some of the best names. A decade ago, Stereogram made a name for themselves with a song no one remembers. But everyone likes that name.

Regardless of the method you choose, you must make sure that your product or company can stand behind the name. Focus on delivering your product, not having a cute name everyone will love.