Ways To Get Noticed

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Get Noticed

Getting your brand and business out there is expensive. Especially if you have to hire a marketing firm to make infographics, unique logos and rich content in the hopes of going viral.

There are a few ways to get your brand noticed without spending a load of money.

Referral Program

An easy way to get noticed is something that is free but will cost you in a sense. You can offer a reward for referred customers. If a client sends another person to you, they get some sort of upgrade. This could be as simple as offering free priority shipping. You may want to offer a discount or some other incentive. The point is, this is something that won’t cost you dollars up front but it pays smaller amounts for direct results.


If you have a membership plan of some sort, you can expand this by offering a “free” version of your services. This could be a lightweight version of what you do, whether that’s inventory management, logistics, or any other service. Give access to some simple service for free and then offer premium plans for tiered levels of service. This is basically a way to get more people to see your products and potentially use them.

Social Media Contests

Probably the simplest thing you can do is utilize your social media outlets more effectively. Have a simple photo contest or a caption contest. The winner can get a $5 gift card or credit (for your company of course). This is another way that will get eyeballs on your brand without directly costing you any money.

Local Partnerships

Quite possibly the best way to get your brand noticed is to form local partnerships. If you make your partnerships known, it will mutually benefit both companies. Some of your clients will start to use your partner and vice versa. It’s a good way to drive up business and a good way to exercise best business practices.

With these four techniques, your brand can get some much needed attention. Without spending any money (upfront), you’ll be building awareness in your community, physically and digitally.