The Importance Of Sharing Your Vision

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sharing Your Vision

You have everything going for you and all of a sudden, Tom walks in and is ready to offer his resignation for an extra hundred a month from a competitor.

What’s going on? Well, you had the right plan, the right employees, the right market, but you forgot to share your vision.

Sharing your vision gets everyone on the same page.


The first reason to share your vision is that it opens a new channel of communication. When your employees can see the “why” behind what you do, they can quickly get on board. Suddenly, it’s not just a job. Now, they are part of a team with a purpose. They can quickly share that same story with customers and other stakeholders.


Your story gives the company a clear message. Instead of moving papers from one bin to another, the employees have a real purpose in their work life. Not only that, they can communicate this same message to colleagues, new hires and customers. It’ll be much harder to get wooed away by a few dollars when you have a purpose.


Having this vision gives your team a channel of communication and a clear purpose. Most importantly, it gives them a backbone. They can now use this vision to filter their own thoughts and actions. When they are trying to close a sale, they know what is in line with the business’ goals. They know how much you value quality and the reputation of the brand.

Having a team that shares and understands one vision gets everyone working together in unison.

You don’t have to worry about what your employees are saying to clients at all. They know exactly what you’d want them to say. Your entire team is now operating like a well-oiled machine.