The Client Whisperer

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Dog Whisperer has used proven techniques to tame some of the wildest dogs. His show has reached millions of viewers across the globe. What does Cesar Millan have to do with running a business?

His methods can help tame clients, too.

Calm, Assertive Energy

The most basic idea that Cesar presents is his energy. He maintains a calm, assertive energy in the presence of all dogs. He has actually made this a part of his daily life, leading him to live life in a different way.

In business, if we adopt this same approach, we can find success in many situations.

Clients will often attempt a lowball offer. Clients can sometimes make harsh deadlines that seem overwhelming. If we remember to maintain a calm, assertive energy, we can take a breath and make a realistic counter offer, rather than yielding to the client or overreacting and losing the client.

Instead of chasing the client around and giving them what they want, approach them like a dog. Give them the calm approach while still maintaining the reality of the situation on your part.

Trust, Discipline and Affection

Like dogs, clients also need trust. To help build your client’s trust it is important to establish guidelines so they know what to expect and what is expected of them.

This will also help with the discipline aspect. By setting clear goals and sticking to them your client won't feel the need to call and follow up to see how things are progressing. A flow on from this is that you will save time in responding to worried clients. And time is money so this will give you the opportunity to improve your bottom line.

The most important component is affection. Don't get carried away and think you have to hug your clients. Instead, affection is expressed in being sure to provide great service, sample products and other bonuses. But there are always opportunities to give your client that little pat on the head.

As always, the secret to becoming a successful Client Whisperer lies in repetition. Make these ideas a fundamental aspect of your business and you will see long term results.