Small Gestures - Big Results

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sometimes it’s the little things that transform people’s lives.

Remember the saying; what goes around comes around. In your quest for the bigger profit/loss picture are you missing the things that really matter?

When 12-year old Adam Wallace suffered an agonising hip dislocation during a rugby league match it was feared he would never play again. After months of intense rehab he was given the physical go-ahead to play but his confidence had been shattered. All it took was a simple phone call to get him back on track for the biggest final of his life.

Despite the intensive rehab and physiotherapy Adam was terrified he would trigger his injury again if he played in the Quaker’s Hill under 14’s grand final. His ever-supportive mother decided to reach out on Twitter with the result that West Tigers NRL star Chris Lawrence spent time chatting on the phone with young fan Adam.

Chris Lawrence had suffered a similar injury in 2011 and was able to share stories with Adam about his recovery and encourage him to get back to the game he loves so much. Adam’s mother expressed their gratitude with a Twitter message:

“He will never have to look back and regret sitting on the bench in his Grand Final thanks to you. He will not spend the entire off season wondering whether he will be able to return to the football field because of you. Sometimes little things go a long way. Our family are forever grateful for that 5 minutes spent with Adam.”

Are you getting the good vibes?

Sometimes it really is the small things that change people’s lives. Something as simple as a smile for your staff, a kind gesture on an employee’s birthday or a mentorship programme through the local school can transform the community around you.

These actions not only create good karma but they can also boost staff morale and productivity and help you as a business owner to get a fresh perspective on life, to see beyond the daily grind.

Maybe it’s time to do something for yourself.

We can help lift your sights beyond the grind of calculating GST returns, filling out endless paper trails and allow you to enjoy those good business vibes.