Play To Your Strengths

Monday, November 20, 2017

Every person is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. We’re only human and so we usually spend far too much time worrying about our shortcomings and too little time leveraging our strengths.

That’s hardly a positive approach.

Start by working out what your strengths really are. Make your own appraisal of your talents. What sort of thing do you do best? Look back on all your successes and remember what made you successful in each case.

What do you really love doing? What kind of projects gives you a lot of pleasure?

What do others ask you to do for them? You might not think much about what you do to help other people but chances are pretty good you’re seen as an ‘expert’ at something.

Ask your friends and family what they think you’re good at. After the usual banter you may be surprised to find they think you’re good at a lot more than you ever knew.

And on the flip side!

There’s another side to this process that’s not as much fun but just as essential, and that’s finding out what you don’t do well. Those same friends and family who told you what you’re good at doing can also tell you what don’t do very well.

Ask yourself what are the areas where you’ve performed consistently poorly.

Now it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Remember that nobody’s good at everything.

Get rid of the responsibility for doing something you don’t do well by either having somebody else do it or letting technology handle it instead of you.

Most business owners wear many hats - too many, usually. It could be time to consider handing over a hat or two.

From this point onwards make a decision to focus on your positives and base what you do in business on what you are best at doing. You’ll have a higher success rate in everything you do.