It’s Your Business So Make It Personal

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A little boy’s gratitude for a celebrity’s unexpected and personal response is a great reminder of the rewards a personal touch can bring.

Likewise, a small dose of the personal can reap dividends for your business and love for your brand.

Six-year old Archie Comerford is a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough. He has learned so much about nature and developed a real love for the natural world thanks to the BBC presenter’s stunningly beautiful nature documentaries.

Archie was so grateful to have learned about ‘moose and frogs and different kinds of animals’ that he decided to say ‘thank you’ in a letter. But it was Attenborough’s unexpected and personal response that really surprised the Comerford family.

Archie was so thrilled when Attenborough replied with a signed photograph that he couldn’t stop smiling. His gratitude and happiness was infectious. And it made the Comerford family love Attenborough’s work even more.

How do you instil gratitude in your business?

The thing is gratitude starts a positive cycle of good energy. You can see the positive spin-off results spreading through Archie’s story: Archie’s joy, the boost to the Attenborough ‘brand name’, the deepening connection to that brand in the Comerford family and beyond, and no doubt, the pleasure for Attenborough of being able to inspire a deeper love for nature in another viewer.

In the same way, to be an inspiration for your team is deeply rewarding on a personal level but also helps your business organisation run more smoothly by fostering happier staff and richer connections with your customers.

‘Thank you’ is just two small words that will transform your business. And fostering a sense of gratitude in your organisation starts with you.

Even when you’re dealing with your most difficult employees and customers you can still find something to be grateful for.

So start those positive ripples today.