It’s Aussie And It’s Amazing

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Two Queensland inventors have developed products that are really taking the market by storm and yet every aspect of their production proudly says ‘made in Australia’.

How have they succeeded in the face of cheap imports?

Gary Briggs designed and built a fencing machine easy enough for a single person to operate. The success of his invention has helped propel his company to become “one of the biggest machinery manufacturers left in the country".

Gary got the idea when the fencing on his farm was washed away during the 2010/2011 Queensland floods. As he points out, "overseas manufacturing, even though it appears cheaper, by the time we get the quality into the product it's not that much cheaper.” He’s very proud of the fact that it’s made in Australia and it supports local employment.

Del Richards is another Queensland inventor. His product prevents birds from drowning in cattle water troughs and poisoning the water.

The product is rapidly spreading in popularity across farms in Australia. He states very clearly that, "this product proves that no, you don't have to get it made offshore, it can be made in Australia."

There is something very important you need to notice about their success.

Does Your Product Fulfil A Need?

Both men took a good long look at their target market. In the case of the fencing machine, Gary knows what his market needs. As he says, “our little fencing machine can be operated by one person, and in the case of lots of people in the bush it's often a man and a wife operation."

Likewise, Del conceived his idea “after years of observing birds drowning in cattle troughs, and consequently cattle becoming sick as a result of drinking foul water.” Both inventors spent a great deal of time observing their target customers’ needs before bringing the product on to market

They were focused not on what can I produce but what will make my customers’ lives easier or better.

Even if you have a eureka moment of inspiration you still need to gather your data and analyse your market to ensure the success of your product.

Ask yourself; does it meet their needs and does it offer advantages that my competitors don’t?

If you’re not sure, give us a call. We can help you build an Australian business to be proud of.