Is Your Business Hiding A Deadly Surprise?

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Geelong man returned home to find one of Australia’s deadliest snakes, an eastern brown, in his house but it’s the way it got into the house that makes you think twice.

So, how do you guard against deadly dangers from sabotaging your business while you’re not looking?

Jurgen Martz found the deadly 1.5 metre eastern brown snake in his home. The snake had slithered its way in through the cat flap. Cat flaps are so common and most people do not conceive of them as a security threat. Even worse, Jurgen’s daughter initially thought the intruder was their pet snake and that could easily have been a fatal mistake.

There are lots of snakes in the grass and other deadly dangers in the world of business too.

When we are overworked and stressed we can make careless mistakes or we miss the obvious. Maybe we take too many things for granted or perhaps we are simply unaware of the flaws in our business model.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn around and bite us just when we think the business is running smoothly and we’re on the home straight.

Did you check behind the door?

And sometimes those little things can be so dangerous simply because they’re so easily overlooked. It might be a little tardiness in your GST records or it might be a little blurring of the edges around health and safety. Or it could be missing the subtle signs of an employee’s dissatisfaction with an aspect of her job. Or maybe you’re not picking up on your own elevated stress levels.

The business world is full of risks and hidden hazards but there are ways you can avoid getting in a flap and stepping on the snake in the grass.

We can help you in two ways: giving you the tools to run your business more smartly and effectively and freeing you up to check you haven’t left the cat flap open.