Getting Your Business In Shape For The New Year

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The New Year is a chance to do some soul-searching. Don’t forget to take a look at your business and do things better.

There are a few areas that can easily be improved without spending a dime. These few changes can make your life better as well as improving overall functionality.

Get Physical

Before you get lost in the bustling holiday frenzy, take a moment to look around. Your surroundings are cluttered. Somewhere in your office, you are housing files you don’t need. You probably have more things on hand than you’ll ever use. Chances are, you have a “storeroom” that is a bit overcrowded. Take a day and get organised. You can spend one day getting things orderly and tidy. If you can make this change stick, you’ll have a well organised space. Once you catch the virus, you’ll be working on your office, your desk and encouraging an environment of efficiency. Do you really need 8 staplers?

Go Digital

When you’re looking at the backlog of files and documents you’ve kept for a hundred years, consider which ones could go digital. There are opportunities to keep some of the information in digital form. This will give you the chance to find trends in sales and purchases over the past million years of operations. Make digital backups of your current servers and information. You can find free options online from Microsoft, Google and others that will usually be able to handle all of your important documents. Getting your digital footprint under control and off your local machines can improve the performance of your computers.

These are just general guidelines for improving efficiency in your business. You can take these ideas and expand them across your business. Basically, we have a tendency as business owners to hang onto things a bit too long.

Don’t put it off until winter. In the heat of summer, this is the time to shed the layers excess to survive the heat.