Down The Rabbit Hole

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Modern marketing is getting a bit messy. Luckily, there are some resources and strategies that can take your business to the forefront with a little research and some simple design schemes.

Here we go down the rabbit hole to find out how to turn in some conversions and boost sales.

Easter Eggs

Before anything, you have to go find some hidden Easter eggs. Your competition has things hidden all over the Internet.

The first step to making things work is understanding funnel hacking. Funnel hacking is when you take what the competition (preferably the largest competitor out there) does well and do it yourself.

Go ahead and explore the competition in detail. Where are their ads? What do their ads look like? Why are people buying from them?


In funnel hacking, things work a bit differently. After you’ve found all those beautiful Easter eggs, you’re going to paint, dye and design them the way you want. We could use fancy jargon like “reverse engineering” but in reality you are just putting a fresh coat of paint on what is working for the competition. Figure out a way to make your ads more appealing.

This is called “building the funnel.” In this stage, you’ll lay out a marketing plan that works for you. This is where you design a “funnel” or a chain of ads and purchasing options that makes sense. Replicate what is already working.

Place your ads on the same channels. Use the same media. Go after the same customers. This will turn your ads into conversions rather than just views or wasted nickels and dimes.

Enjoy the Spoils

Once you build your funnel, you have the chance to sit back and check your analytics. Take note of the ads that get the most views. Which ads are leading to the most sales?

Now, you can fine tune your funnel to possibly even outperform the competitor you initially targeted. This is where funnel hacking leads to huge sales conversions.