Do You Have The Right Attitude For Success?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Australian aerial skiers, Laura Peel and David Morris are aiming for medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Their preparation includes quite a few ups and downs and some pretty hard landings but the real key to their success lies in the attitude and background preparation.

Do you have the right attitude for business success? Have you done the right preparation or is your business run on a wing and a prayer?

Peel and Morris spoke to the ABC about how they prepare for their stunning acrobatic feats on skis. Of course, one of the big risks when you fly so high is how you come back down to earth. And running a small business can be a lot like that too; one minute everything is flying along brilliantly, the next you’ve landed in a heap feeling pretty badly bruised.

Peel says "there is a lot of build up, a lot of stepping stones and a lot of work" that goes into the jumps. That preparation is equally important for preventing injuries when it all turns pear-shaped and it’s the same story with your business.

Can your attitude determine your success?

When things go wrong in your business, even disastrously wrong, it’s very easy to let the negative thinking take you in a downwards spiral. We look at the success of others but we don’t see how it’s our attitude that’s our worst enemy.

Morris says, "the injury prevention isn't so much in the actual training, it's behind the scenes."

Business success isn’t a leap of faith. Rather it requires some serious preparation and an ability to pick ourselves up from the wreckage and start again.

Peel paints a powerful picture of the attitude you need to develop for business success: "Strong bodies can take a crash, get up and go again. I try and consistently be strong enough so that a crash doesn't feel like a crash.”

We can help you develop the confidence, inner strength, and pick-yourself-up gutsiness you need to get your business really flying. Come in and see us today to keep your business fit and strong.