Business Deals That Changed The World

Monday, December 11, 2017

In the buzz of the daily world around us, we often lose sight of just how close we are to changing the world.

Here are 4 business deals that had a significant impact on the world. They aren’t all ethically sound, but they have definitely shaped the way the world works today.

Ray Kroc bought a hamburger

Ray Kroc was a visionary. He looked at the McDonald’s brothers and saw the potential to turn the idea into a franchise. Now, over 70 million people a day are served in a McDonald’s restaurant across 120 countries. It started with one man taking a little burger joint and replicating it a thousand times. Ray Kroc once said, “I put the hamburger on the assembly line.” Not only did he grow a massive business, he has created a global industry. Before McDonald’s, there were no franchises. A successful business might open a second or even third location. Now, any bloke with a barbie is looking to expand.

Apple outsources a new communication device

In the early 2000s, Apple went to Motorola to help develop a “new communication device.” The 2 developed the ROKR together. It didn’t go very well. Apple started looking for a new partner in their venture and eventually settled on Samsung. Samsung began developing all the parts for what would become the iPhone. Apple made the case, filed the patents, and assembled what would be the most successful device in history. The legal battles ensue even today. Samsung and Apple are in every court in every country suing each other back and forth. Ultimately, they break even, but billions are using their products as you read this. Before they became sworn enemies, they worked together to develop the basis of all smartphones.

Computer nerd Mark helps some frat boys find girls

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched what is now known as Facebook. He had worked out a few kinks in the original software and it had been through a few variations. A few years later he had to pay some hush money to other people that were involved in those early days. Basically, the important thing to remember here is that Mark Zuckerberg never thought of Facebook. It was a couple of frat boys that wanted to get laid. He took that idea and morphed it into what has become a $20 billion company. 

Westfield got too big

Westfield group expanded so far globally, that they had to split in 2014. We all know Westfield as the place(s) for great shopping. The homegrown shopping center giant expanded into the West with great success. The company grew so quickly that they had to manage that growth by splitting into two separate $30 billion companies. What the split has helped them do is manage that growth. In 2014, the $37 billion company split into two parts that were each worth less than $20 billion. Not even 3 years after the split, they are each approaching the original value of the parent company. Westfield has managed to grow continually in a “down economy” both in the East and the West. The growth hasn’t seemed to slow down yet, and they continue to push consumerism to new heights.

When you get down on yourself, just think about the massive success that might be waiting for you just around the corner. While you might have to steal an idea to get yourself going, that next phase of your business could get you on the cover of BRW.