10 Ways To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Monday, December 11, 2017

The festive season has arrived and with it, the highest selling rates of the year. If you have had a good year, this could make it a great year. If you’ve had a rough year, these few short weeks could redeem your business.

Here are some ways to spread some Christmas cheer while bringing in some cash.

Free Shipping
If you can find a way to cover delivery costs, you could see a bump in sales. This is especially helpful if your analytics can show you the difference in views and purchases. But make sure your customers know the expiry date of the offer.

Add-Ons & Free Gifts
This is a twofold response. You can offer a “free with purchase” item, or you can offer a discount on an additional related or complimentary item.

Be Social
Retweet your customers. You can like their posts on Facebook or Instagram. You could even find a customer of the day to feature.

Be Even More Social
Take this to the next level by asking for customer pics. Every customer with a picture posted in a Santa hat gets free shipping or a 10% discount. Get creative. Use this offer to target customers you haven’t seen for a while.

Free Trials
If your business is appropriate, you can offer a “no-risk” trial for the holiday season. Be sure to cut it off on in early January, so they have a decision to make.

In-Store Specials
Have a special offer that is only available to customers that arrive in person. If you have a direct sales business, have the same offer through your sales team.

Online Specials
If you are pushing for a paper-free, more digital experience, offering online discounts or promotions could make the difference for you in the long run. 

Birthday and Anniversary Perks
Use this time to get birthday info and you can send a 10% voucher on their birthday and the anniversary of when they became a customer. 

This takes some work, but it can pay off huge. Make a scavenger hunt in the store, online, or wherever you engage customers. They can find clues to redeem an exclusive offer or a limited item.

If you have a way to offer upgrades, via shipping, size, or any other variable, now is the time to do it.